Wednesday, August 8, 2012


If you've been reading this blog, you know that I teach crochet at Windy Knitty,  located in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood.

So you may be surprised to read in these virtual pages that there's a wonderful LYS in the northwest suburbs that I encourage all of you to visit.  It's called Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns and is located at 218 W. Campbell Street in Arlington Heights, IL, just a hop, skip and jump from our Toddlin' Town.

What, you might wonder, is so exciting about Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns?  It has an extensive selection of yarns, books and knitting and crochet supplies, but is that any reason for a confirmed City Rat to travel "all the way" out to suburbia?  

Hmmm.  Maybe yes; maybe no.  

But here's something that will really make the trek worthwhile:  On September 16, 2012, beginning at 10 a.m., Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns will be hosting two fabulous crochet workshops, taught by none other than MARY BETH TEMPLE!  I know, right?  I can hardly contain my excitement!  

Crochet Entrelac
Intermediate Tunesian Crochet

Two of the most in demand and trendy techniques in crochet today - taught by one of our premier designers!  What could be more fun?

But wait!  There's more!
Mary Beth will be introducing her latest book, Curvy Girl Crochet; 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter (Taunton Press; September 4, 2012).  Yep, that's right!  This book is not even on the shelves yet, and you could get an autographed copy of your very own!

"Okay," you're thinking, "This might be fun, but really, who is this Mary Beth Temple?  Couldn't I just pick up a book and learn entrelac and advanced Tunisian?  What's so special about her?"

Permit me to enlighten you.  Mary Beth Temple is a writer and designer, as well as being a funny, smart and delightful lady.

Mary Beth Temple

You can find her line of crochet and knit patterns at Hooked For Life, and also on Ravelry.  She has a weekly podcast called Getting Loopy, and is the author of a number of books including (but certainly not limited to):

The Perfect Pillow! (Leisure Arts #5243; February 1, 2011),
Hooked for Life; Adventures of a Crochet Zealot (Andrews McMeel Publishing; April 21, 2009),
The Secret Language of Knitters (Andrews McMeel Publishing; July 1, 2007), and
Rescuing Vintage Textiles (Saint Johann Press; August 15, 2000).

And she's teaching TWO (count 'em) workshops at Fuzzy Wuzzy this September 16!!!

Now here's the catch!  In order to make this trip worthwhile for Mary Beth, Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns needs 10 more class participants.  I plan to attend, and can transport at least 3 of you Chicago peeps.

Once Stitches Midwest, the Ravellenic Games (rolls eyes) and the Yarn Crawl have ended, what were you all planning to do with your weekend afternoons anyway?  C'mon out to Arlington Heights with me.  Meet Mary Beth and expand your crochet skills.  It may be warm and sunny now, but remember, long cold nights aren't far off.  Wouldn't it be nice to have some new crochet techniques in your toolbox this winter?

P.S.  In order to take the Tunisian Workshop, you'll need to learn the three basic Tunisian Crochet stitches.  Don't be shy, now.  I can help you with that!


  1. Jill,
    You win the awesome award for the day! Can't wait to see you in class on the 16th!

  2. You'll see me before that. I'll be there on the 22nd, just to review. It's been a while since I did Tunisian.