When I started this blog, I cautioned that I was new to this whole computer interface, bloggy, websitish world and it might take me some time to figure stuff out.  To wit, I mistakenly thought that by creating a "new page" of my blog, I could post non-crochet-related things there.  Alas - that turns out not to be the case.  New pages contain static information.  Posts still appear as before.  What to do, what do do?  Do I start a whole new blog just to contain my occasional random musings?  That seems more than a little self-indulgent.  My random cerebral output doesn't seem sufficient to warrant a blog of its own.  Besides, I can hardly keep this blog current!  

I've decided, therefore, that until I get all my various endeavors, businesses, hobbies, personal considerations, pets, et. al. woven into a more coherent whole, I'm going to post occasional non-crochet-related items in this blog.  Titles of these posts will begin with the letters, "RM" for Random Musings.  I considered "RT" for Random Thoughts, but that's the abbreviation for Re Tweet, and after all, I can't exactly re tweet my own random musings, can I?

Anyway, if you're following this blog (and I'm sure you receive each post with panting eagerness) you will know a non-crochet-related post by the initials, RM.

Thanks for your patience and indulgence, and for clicking on all the fabulous ads that appear in the margins.  

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